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Magic In the Mundane: Winter Magic - VLOG #2

❄Winter is magical!❄

Magic is EVERYWHERE. Even in the most mundane, ho-hum everydayness of our lives, we have the opportunity to see the world with curiosity and wonder. We just have to decide to do it. For me, doing a weekly ritual to reflect on the magical moments helps keep me in a mindset of gratitude and joy. Magic in the Mundane: Rituals For Everyday Life Every Monday, I'll be sharing a video with you. The first video will be a VLOG featuring little moments of magic in the everyday mundane of my life. I love grabbing my camera and capturing life as I see it and having the opportunity to share little bits and stories with you! The second video will be a step by step ritual that I've done during my week that you can follow along with and incorporate into your magical week!

I hope these videos give you a little bit of inspiration, my loves!

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