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Magic in the Mundane: RITUAL #1 - I AM LOVE

Here's a step by step of my latest ritual called "I am Love".

Weekly Rituals are how I connect with the magic and beauty of the world. Taking time to slow down and reflect with purpose, intention, and gratitude has created miraculous changes in my life. It brings me joy to share with you how I connect with Spirit (God, The Divine, Universe etc...) through ritual and reflection.

If you feel inspired, please incorporate this ritual into your week and pass it on to your loved ones.

Magic in the Mundane: Rituals For Everyday Life

Every Monday, I'll be sharing a video with you. The first video will be a VLOG featuring little moments of magic in the everyday mundane of my life. I love grabbing my camera and capturing life as I see it and having the opportunity to share little bits and stories with you! The second video will be a step by step ritual that I've done during my week that you can follow along with and incorporate into your magical week! I hope these videos give you a little bit of inspiration, my loves!



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