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Let us tell your story.


We'll create awesome digital video content for you to share on your website and social channels.  We'll help you build and enhance your brand story and mission by giving your current and potential clients, fans, and customers content that is uniquely YOU. Whether you need videos for online classroom modules, workshops, products, brick & mortar businesses, behind-the-scenes, internal name it...we got you.


"The Quickie"- we spend 3 hours (tops!) filming you, and in 48 hours, we deliver you video gold. Great for "about us", promos, informational, instructional, monthly membership content and behind the scenes videos. 

 You get:

  • 3 Hour Video Shoot 

  • 1 On-Camera Interview

  • Video Editing

  • Royalty Free Music

  • Raw Footage

  • Final Finished Story (30 sec -1 min video) ready for web/social

-$1000 Flat Fee


*Discounted rates available for ongoing (weekly/monthly) digital content creation 

"The Slo & Low"- We dig deeper into the magic of storytelling. This full-service video storytelling process is great for creating your unique brand-building story.  ALL the feels come with the Slo & Low. Great for "our story", "our philosophy", "our mission", fundraising, and marketing videos.

 You get:

  • Pre-Production Brainstorming

  • Custom Storytelling

  • Multiple On-Camera Interviews

  • Video Editing

  • Royalty Free Music

  • Raw Footage

  • Approval at Rough Cut & Final Cut Stages

  • Final Editorial Approval

  • One 10-sec Promo

  • Final Finished Story (2+ minute video) for web/social

- Starting at $4500


*Discounted rates available for multiple video bundles 


Whether your ultimate goal is to entertain, persuade, inspire, or sell, Heather will make sure your message is delivered in the most memorable, compelling, and creative way possible.
Heather works with you to help develop and process, your next creative steps - providing feedback, suggestions, and guidance along the way to ensure that your project is executed to the highest level of its creative potential.​




*Discounted hourly rates available for longer term projects 


If you have a compelling 30 min or feature-length story that needs to be told, Heather wants to bring that story to life.  Hiring Heather to helm your project means you'll end up with a powerful piece of visual storytelling perfect for online, television and/or theater distribution.  Plus as an added bonus, Heather is really fun to work with! Just sayin'.


*Call For Rates


Hartford, CT, USA

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