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© Kevan Christine. All Rights Reserved.

Alt-country singer, songwriter and guitarist Heather Fay chronicles her philosophies and adventures through honest songs with bright, delicate melodies and inventive lyrics. Each of her original tunes is rooted in raw emotion and unfolds a fresh plot that explores her personal perspectives on love, heartbreak, hope, endings, new beginnings and the complex human journey. Her careful work in the studio illuminates her command as a musical storyteller, sparked by the many poets and artists that have colored her world, including Tom Waits, James Taylor, Carol King, Fiona Apple, Jeff Tweedy, Simon & Garfunkle, Billy Bragg and Colin Hay. Heather invites her growing audience of worldwide listeners into each imaginative, intimate stage of her creative process through energetic live online performances that express her faith in the collaborative nature of music and its power to forge intense bonds and build enduring friendships.

As she navigated her childhood and teenage years in Connecticut, Heather’s passion for singing on family vacations and road trips and for crafting the perfect mix tape for loved ones intensified her already innate connection to music. When, at long last, she received a guitar as a Christmas present in college and began to learn chords and harmonies, the stories inside her poured out in her own voice as she chronicled her own milestones, continued her quest to fine-tune her songwriting skills and developed her identity as an artist.

After Heather started a family, the challenge of making music while having two young children at home inspired her to seek alternative avenues for releasing music and delivering live performances. Heather put out her first album Scrape Knee’d Girl in 2009.  In 2011 she gained recognition for becaming one of the first musicians to use the Hangouts On-Air platform on Google+ to build a global audience for her music and now has more than 1.6 Million global followers.  In 2012, she was invited to play Google’s CMJ event in honor of her many accomplishments as a songwriter on the Google+ platform.  In 2013, Heather was asked to be a part of the Agit8 Campaign and appear on the Ultimate Protest Song album sponsored by Bono’s ONE.org and Spotify alongside major acts like U2, Bruce Springsteen, Mumford & Sons, Elvis Costello, Muse, Green Day and many others. Heather funded her latest album Cherish The Broken 100% through crowdfunding. Cherish The Broken was named one of the top 50 albums of 2014 on several music blogs.  Most recently, Heather was named Country Music Chat’s “One To Watch” Artist and was nominated for two 2014 Connecticut Music Awards, in the Best Folk and Best Americana categories.  Heather took home the Best Folk Award at the 2015 Connecticut Music Awards!

In support of her albums she continues to play frequently at venues in Connecticut and New York City, including The Living Room and Rockwood Music Hall.

Heather Fay’s latest release Cherish the Broken is sparkling collection of lyrics-driven songs infused with bluegrass, folk and Americana elements and further shaped by harmonies provided by mandolin, bass and percussion. She is currently planning a mini-tour for Fall 2015. 

Cherish the Broken is available now through the Heather Fay website and on iTunes and Google Play.


Scrape Knee'd Girl (2009)

Cherish The Broken (2014)


One.org Agit8 Volume 5

Friends Of Music: Volume Accomplishments


Featured Speaker CT Social Media Breakfast Quinnipiac University (3/2012)

Recognize by Congress for innovative use of Social Media as a musician (7/2012)

2014 CT Music Award Nominee (Best Americana Artist & Best Folk Artist)

Successful 100% crowd funded campaign for second album "Cherish The Broken"

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CMJ GooglePlay Event NYC 2012

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Google+ Top Musician (1.6 Million followers)

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Country Music Chat's 11/2013 "One to Watch Artist"

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