"5 With Fay" Recap - Episode #3

Happy Monday,  My Loves!

Thank you to all who tuned in to Episode #3 of my new show "5 With Fay" on Friday!!  As promised, here's a recap of the show with links to my song and my 5 Favorite Finds for last week.  If you missed last week's episode you can watch it HERE.

Song of the Show - "Don't Cry" from my album Scrape Knee'd Girl available here on my Website as well as iTunes & Google Play

5 Favorite Finds:

1. Dogfish Head Brewery - Ok, I'll just say it...I have a TOTAL crush on Dogfish Head.  Their brews are so beautifully crafted and have such subtle combinations of delicious ingredients, that I would go so far as to call each Dogfish Head brew a work of art.  Try any of their 9 artfully crafted "year round" brews or crack open one of their "seasonal/occasional" beers and you'll see that Dogfish Head are beer making gods!  And did I mention they are also super nice people? They frequently partner with non-profits and every year they organize the "Dogfish Dash", a run that raises money for the Delaware chapter of the Nature Conservancy.  Since 2007, they have raised over $200,000 for the cause!  Amazing beer brewers with hearts of gold??  Be still my heart, Dogfish Head!  I'm swoooning!

2. PuraVida Bracelets - I am totally obsessed with PuraVida Bracelets!  These gorgeous bracelets, handmade in Costa Rica, are mixable, matchable and stackable!  They come in a variety of colors and designs and are available with both silver and gold charms and a variety of bead combos.  Starting at $5.00, all of the bracelets are lightweight, 100% waterproof and adjustable to fit any size wrist - perfect for summer!  Yes, they make gorgeous bracelets, but the folks at PuraVida are on a mission!  Their "Charity Line" of bracelets are designed to support a wide range of charities - from environmental causes to social causes to raising awareness for specific diseases, PuraVida makes it possible to support your favorite cause- in style!  In 2013 alone, PuraVida raised money for over 190 charity organizations!   So, you can literally wear your heart on your...sleeve...er...wrist!  Well done, PuraVida!

3. Good Guide App - This FREE app makes being a responsible consumer a snap! The Good Guide App's missions is to "help you shop your values, wherever you shop".  I love putting my money where my mouth is, but since I usually shop with 2 young kids in tow, I don't have the luxury to peruse store aisles researching companies and their values.  My one objective when shopping with my kids is to get in, get out and avoid a tantrum.  WIth a scan of a barcode, however, the Good Guide app enables me to quickly pull up the social, environmental and health ratings of MOST companies.  I can make a quick, effortless and informed decision on which company I want to support based on how their values match mine.  And my kids get in on the action too! We make a guessing game out of how a company might rate!  Yes, it's fun, but more importantly, it's planting a seed in the minds of my kids that it's possible, important and easy to be a responsible consumer!  So freaking cool!  Thank you Good Guide for making me a better mother, consumer and human being.  I owe you one!  *wink

4. Snark Guitar Tuners -  Best. Guitar. Tuner. Ever. End of story.  This tuner has a bright, easy to read display, it's precise and fits my guitar like a dream.  Need I say more?  Available in a variety of cool colors too!  Bonus!

5. Scribblegraph - I have amazingly talented friends.  I'm so lucky to call Scribblegraph (aka Ashlan Nathens) one of them.  I fell in love with the Scribblegraph's scribbles a few years ago. His illustrations are beautiful and profound, beyond words.  I knew that when it came time to design my album artwork for Cherish The Broken,  Scribblegraph was the ONLY artist I trusted with my musical baby.  I couldn't be happier with what he was able to dream up.  And working with him was a dream too...despite the 12 hour time difference!  Check out some of the beautiful scribbles on his website and I promise you'll fall in love too!  Oh, and he takes scribble requests! LOVE!


Have Something YOU Love?

I'm always looking for new things to try and I would love to get your suggestions!  If you have something you love, share it with me via your favorite social media (Twitter, G+, Facebook, Instagram etc..) and use #5withFay to let me know!  If I love it, I'll put it on my show and, of course, give you a shout out!

Song Requests?

I take requests!  I love to sing for you, my fellow Scrape Knee'd Girls & Guys!  If you want me to sing a song for YOU, let me know!  Again, just use #5withFay and request one of my songs.  I'll happily dedicate it to you, or someone you love....or your cat...or fish, whomever! :)

Until next week...

THANK YOU for tuning in, for supporting me, and for all of your LOVE!!